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Boost financial services sales growth.

In order to scale, deliver a repeatable marketing process based on the right tests and metrics. This kicks off a tight sales engine.

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Predict customer churn and revenue.

Use automation and analytics to cut wasteful ad dollars while ensuring marketing investments yield a strong return.

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Set up 360° strategies with confidence.

Get an expert who knows all the angles of marketing, not just one area. Whether in-house or with agencies, marketing needs to connect. 

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Growth Marketing allows you to achieve a higher level of market share by improving processes for growth and scalability. 

Successful growth marketing improves engagement and conversion results in the marketing funnel. 

Growth marketing is an analytically-minded function. It focuses more on the data side of marketing than the creative aspects.

It consists of an end-to-end job: acquiring users from the top of a funnel to retaining users. The right tests, processes, and metrics must be in place.

Growth marketing also uses predictive and prescriptive analytics. Research shows using predictive analytics in B2B and B2C marketing strategies increase industry average revenue growth rates. 

Hire a Fractional CMO

A Fractional CMO is a game-changer. The fractional part means you get a senior marketing leader who is fully committed to your business goals, but you are not fully burdened with executive-level costs in your payroll. A fractional CMO provides a broad-based and on-demand perspective around best practices in Marketing. That is why CEOs and Heads of Divisions of fintechs and banks alike trust STS Smart Marketing to develop strong marketing strategies and processes that will make a visible impact.

Led by a former banking Chief of Marketing, STS Smart Marketing delivers success.

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New Marketing for Financial Transformation

The banking industry is undergoing rapid disruption. Consumers show an increasing appetite for nontraditional financing whilst their relationship with money evolves.

The business model that is successful today is evolving for tomorrow. The aim is to provide a better user experience and address gaps banks can’t fill. The focus in most instances is to reduce costs, improve engagement, and make banking easier.

Regulations, privacy, and cybersecurity are critical challenges facing financial services. But so is having to build and maintain an exponentially growing base of delighted customers, including those in new growth markets. The right marketing operation can boost growth several times over.


The time is now to take products/services live: crypto-assets, blockchain, digital payments, trading platforms, money transfers, P2P, equity funding, and countless other technologies.

Trust, legitimacy, and growth come from predictable and repeatable sales. So fintechs need to know their minimum success criteria, customer throughput rate, and traction model upfront. Brand and product messaging need to be on a rinse-and-repeat cycle to ensure the most relevant one for its audience is chosen.

Using incremental steps, banks can transform operations at sustainable levels of pace and certainty. Test-and-release marketing initiatives reap early results and build organizational momentum among other benefits.

Giving you the tools and strategies
to help you deliver with evidence-based decision making.



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